Finding Your Place in a Bigger Story

People love story. We get to know characters, we become enticed by an exciting plotline, we even fall for the drama of conflict. We are drawn to story – in the lyrics we listen to, in the films we watch, in the books we read.


But too often, though, we forget that we are part of a story – we are characters dealing with conflict, setting out for new adventures, engaging in relationship with others. We fall into day-to-day life and forget that our story, too, has rising action, a hero’s journey, a character who wants something. We forget that we are part of the greatest story ever told.


During your Mission Trip, you may have developed some parts of your story. Maybe you were challenged to travel away from home or build relationships with strangers or called to serve and love because God first loved us. You shared holy moments. Maybe you questioned some things. You were asked to trust. You were called to be like Jesus. These are things that make a story great. Relationships. Challenges. Victories. God at work.


Character transformation is another part of every story. A character grows, develops, overcomes conflict, and perseveres through the course of their story. Loving, serving, guiding, being in relationship with others – it’s all part of a great, wild, wonderful story. Just because your mission trip is over doesn’t mean your story is. The part of your story lived out on your mission trip has the potential to change your day-to-day life. If you stopped now, it would be like closing a book after the first chapter and saying, “That was a great book!” You only experience the beginning of something powerful, meaningful and transformational. You’ve got to keep reading to understand the bigger picture, the greater story.


As you reflect on your summer, when you were part of the greatest story ever told, consider these elements of your story and pray through them:

  • the funniest part of your story
  • the hardest part of your story
  • the easiest part of your story
  • the part of your story you are proudest of
  • the part of the story that changed you
  • the guides in your story who walked with you
  • the part of your story that inspires
  • the next chapter where your story will continue


Your story joins with thousands of others to create a beautiful rhythm of God moving in the world. Live into it fully. Cherish the holy moments in the midst of busyness. Be transformed. Share it with others.



by Sami Tierney